Nowadays there is a lot of talk about professional ‘escapes’ abroad. People looking for their chance outside the Italian borders. Fervent and full-of-will minds that take a giant step towards something ‘unknown’, but that could reserve them new scenarios and, yes, let’s face it, infinite possibilities.

This happened to Gianluca Magalotti, former bass and double bass student in Rome and today an esteemed artist of the Nashville music scene. Yes Nashville, one of the world’s musical cradles. Also called “Music City”, Nashville is an unmissable destination for those who love music. It is the home of American folk music and all the biggest names have passed through here. We just need to mention two of them, to understand the artistic relevance of this beautiful town, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

Before arriving in Tennessee, Gianluca’s path was marked by numerous experiences, first as a student of the most prestigious music training centers in Italy – Scuola Popolare di Musica “Donna Olimpia,” studying with professional bass player Pino Pecorelli, the Bachelor of Music Degree in Jazz Performance as a bass student at the world-renowned Conservatory of Music “Santa Cecilia” of Rome, studying with Berklee Alumni and wellknown recording and touring bass player Marco Siniscalco, the Umbria Jazz Clinics, a famous two-week program hosted annually in Perugia, Italy, by Berklee College of Music, at the end of which just a few selected musicians may receive the honor of being awarded a prestigious scholarship in order to attend the college in Boston, MA.

From this moment on, a fantastic adventure in the USA has started for Gianluca, which includes the highest levels of musical education that can be received today, but also a lot of real work. His story is very interesting and can be a source of inspiration for many other talented musicians. That’s why we asked him to tell us about it.

Today, Gianluca is rapidly making his way into the Nashville’s finest music scene, by actively working as a recording and touring bass player for local and national artists like Ultimate Aldean (dubbed “World’s Greatest Jason Aldean Tribute” by LiveNation), Austin Anderson, Jessica McNear, Steven Cade, Chavis Chance, Eldon Huff, Will Jones, Gamy & The Alterations and others within the local music scene. WEB SITE

From Rome, Italy, to Nashville, Tennessee. How’s it there in Nashville in 2019? Is the “American Dream” still a thing today?

Well, by the time the first immigrants planted their new roots down here centuries ago, until today, America still is THE “land of opportunities,” even though nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to hunt for an immigrant visa. But that’s probably because, in order for it to maintain such a title, it just can’t be that easy to conquer, right? Anyways, Nashville’s been taking care of me pretty well so far. Lots of music, lots of musicians around. It’s like a life-size music box 24/7. Feels like a little distant world where everyday is a party all over the town, and everybody, from the bartenders to the plumbers, is somehow a musician, either just as a hobby or, most commonly, having a daily job while trying to succeed in music.

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