Anyone today could really rub it in, could point out how very irresponsible it was for an expectant father, to visit covid-19 patients and shake their hands without gloves and without a mask. We could all shout “Well, what do you expect? We told you so!” and that it’s not just a flu.

Someone could accuse him of having mystified reality and of ‘attempted mass contagion’ because God only knows how far we are from this situation today. Finally, we could remind him the meaning of true ‘pearls’ as worn by a beautiful 94-year-old grandmother, who’s sweet and firm words both caressed and calmed an entire nation last night.

However, today is not the day for recriminations. Why? Because most of us are (politically) correct people who would never kick a man when he is down. Because most human beings are essentially good, whether or not they are in the running for political re-election. Moreover, despite “hatred” trending more than “love” on social networks, despite the fact that malice speaks louder than kindness – the majority of women and men on this planet are moved by feelings of deep brotherhood, regardless of religion or nationality.

For these reasons, the only thing we should wish, and we do wish Boris Johnson today, is “Get well soon!”

Once you are better, you can start thinking like a father.

Rome 6.4.2020 by ©Cristiana Piraino

Special thanks for transforming my English text into a perfect English text to my lifelong friend Ahlya Rafique Fateh, managing director of London UK

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